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Book Bazaar Reader–Yet Another Good eReader App in the Store 2012/Dec/16 by McAkins

Book Bazaar Reader – A simple book reader for Windows 8 that works (unlike the Amazon one) By Per G Jönsson on February 12, 2013



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You Can Help With Translation

The next version of the app (which is almost ready for publishing) will provide an ability to synchronize your library across several Windows devices via OneDrive.

An important missing piece needed for completion is translation of the new UI strings related to synchronization.

If you are one of the international user who could help with the translation, it would benefit many of your fellow people.

Here you can find the files to translate and the guide for translation: Help with UI translation from English

Communicating With The Users

This page presents selected reviews and emails from the users with out comments. We choose reviews and questions to help better understanding the app features and tell stories about its real usage.

(4 stars) 3/5/2013 Still The Best!!!! After todays (3/4/2013) update of ver 1.11, epub loading is incredibly fast. It took less than 4 seconds to load my 5000+ page book. Excellent work!!!! Easily the best complete epub reader in the store. Highlights, notes, working links, etc makes this so great. I give 4 stars now and will give 5 when these features are added: Multiple libraries with user defined names and original developers formatting (styles and headings a PLUS). Please keep up the good work.

My comment: thank you for noticing. This perf improvement was the major effert for me, and I hope it will address requests of users who read large books.

shashank (5 stars) 3/3/2013 Great app. I had a mobi and epub file which other reader from android os were not letting me use the features like bookmark, table of contents, referencing etc. but Book bazaar made is possible. great free app.
Trevor (3 stars) 3/3/2013 Good annotation support, blerg ui, missing feature. Highlighting could be faster, read: less clicking. Ignores styles and headings. The lack of ability to categorize and organize your bookshelf is a staggering misstep. Seriously subpar ui. You're clearly a good developer, but your ui design skills leave something to desired, to say the least. The icon is lame and does not fit metro style. This was seriously the last app I tried due to the awful icon. A blank box would be better. A dictionary would be nice, as well as the ability to zoom on pics.

My comment: Thank you for the flattering evaluation of my development abilities. As to blerg UI - I have to admit that I am not the best UI designer on Earth. I must say however, that my main focus at this stage is almost entirely on the main parts: reading experience and free book aqcuisition. I am planning to polish UI as soon as I am done with the most basic features expected from a decent reader. I am not there yet, so please apologize for the subpar UI, and wait a couple of months. I hope it is not blocking reading and working with books. Thank you for good suggestions.

G. Andrew (4 stars) 3/3/2013 Very good, with a couple of quibbles. Really good reader app, and one which has already been updated a couple of times since I downloaded it to improve the performance. Has lots of options for text formatting and display, but still needs some fixes for how it renders some characters, particularly in code in programming books, where < and > are frequently rendered as entity encoded strings, making markup difficult to read. The other minor quibble is that the library page could use a bit of UI polish. Overall, though, well done.

My comment: The bug with "<" and ">" was noticed by many users. The fix for this bug is coming in Release 1.12, which is now (March/5) being submitted to Windows Store, and will become available if a couple of days. You will have to re-download a book to make the symbols look correct.

Damien (5 stars) 2/15/2013 Best Windows 8 eReader. This is a fantastic app: the best eReader available for Windows 8 Much better than the current Windows 8 Kindle app (which feels like a beta, can't sideload content and is very unstable). Here are 2 things on my wish list for the next version: 1) Ability to search the Library (only key missing feature); 2) Ability to sync with Amazon Kindle Store content (as the app is better than the current native Windows 8 Kindle app) and act as a Kindle App replacecment.

My comment: 'search' is on the top of my priority list for the following releases. Many users mentioned that.

Andy (5 stars) 2/13/2013 Superb eBook Reader. This is exactly how I imagined electronic book readers software to be, the page turning effects must be seen! Integration with many online catalogs and ability to read both epub and mobi make this one of the very best readers in the store.
Effgeniy (5 stars) 2/5/2013 Excellent. Amazing application. I especially like page turning - it makes an impression of a real paper pages. Very good, I haven't seen such behavior before. Settings fot page background and font size will satisfy the most demanding user. At the same time there is nothing unnecessary, the app is not overloaded with settings and "extras". Recommend to everybody. (Translated from Russian)

My comment: thank you for the great review. As to font sizes, I know that some people wanted bigger fonts. I am working on that.

Juan (5 stars) 2/6/2013 So useful. After upgrading to Windows 8 I was having some problems finding an app can read my eBooks, finally I got my problem resolved with Book Bazar Reader the best of it it's free. Thanks
Steve (4 stars) 1/25/2013 Super reader ... one minor issue for me. I really like this reader. As others have stated, this seems to be the best available for Win8. The only thing keeping me from giving five stars is the highlighting. While it indeed works, you have to hold down too long to begin highlighting. Perhaps a setting to adjust the time? Further, sometimes the dragger handles don't show up and the "highlight" window pops up. Suggestion: Don't hide handles until "highlight" is actually clicked. Thanks for a great app. BTW, I have purchased.

I know about a little inconvenience with timing on highlights. And I am working on achieving the best balance in touch behavior between page turning and text selection gestures.

Unknown (5 stars) 1/25/2013 The Best...So Far. Review after todays update (1.8). Easily the best complete epub reader in the store. Highlights, notes, working links, etc makes this so great. I give 4 stars now and will give 5 when these features are added: Multiple libraries with user defined names, original developers formatting, and pinch to zoom. Please keep up the good work.
Sridhar (5 stars) 1/24/2013 Good EPUB reader. This application has improved 500% in the last 2 months. I use both Book bazaar and Kindle app and this one is much better than Kindle. Only improvement I expect to see (may be already implemented but I'm not aware of) synchronization of my books, bookmarks, current reading page, etc. across machines - of course using my skydrive.
Zubin (5 stars) 1/30/2013 One of the best on the market. This is one of the better ebook readers on metro. It's fast, simple to use, and easy to read. If this had a windows phone7/8 app to synchronize with. It would probably make it the best.
Shane and Mandy (5 stars) 1/6/2013 Really Good! At the start this was a basic but good reader but since the updates its becoming the only reader I use! Thanks to the developer for the amount of updates! The speed of this app is also I believe the best in the store. Books load very fast and page turns are smooth!
?? (5 stars) 1/13/2013 Best ebook reader on win8, for now... Simple but beatiful, almost everything you need for a reader, is there! great job.
Lemuel (4 stars) 12/13/2012 Amazing 3d Page Turning. This reader looks amazing, when reading. The page animations actually look better than iBook in my opinion. The only gripe I have is that it takes a long time for the pages to calculate and can become too slow, almost unusable for very large books. I tried to read an epub bible with this app and it could not handle it. Would like to see a bookmark, highlighter and dictionary added. I'm confident improvements will be made. GREAT JOB so far.
Vasco (5 stars) 12/19/2012 Very Good Ebook Reader! - Fast and leightweight even with a big Bookarchiv (1000+ Books) - Download and Search for Free ebooks - Search, Sort, Grouping (with Covers shown in customizable Size) all your Books in local Storage. - 3D Page flip - All Features you want and need for customizing your reading experience Best eBook App in the Store i have seen so far (and i tested nearly all that are avaible... 5 Stars! :)
Nikita (5 stars) 1/13/2013 Super app! A perfect app for those who love reading! Lots of books in Russian and English. Thank you
Unknown (5 stars) 2/5/2013 Keep steaming. Hey guys, keep doing this way, your project is the best!!! (Translated from Russian)

This is the most flattering and encouraging review. Thank you.