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Products and Prices

  • Book Bazaar Reader app is a free application. You can get it at no price from Windows Store. The app in this configuration will give you all features for collecting, organizing and reading books from┬ánumerous sources on the Internet - open publication catalogs, regular internet URLs, your local machine. The app in the free configuration will be showing advertisements in some views where it should not disturb you very much. We avoid showing the ads in the main reading view, to let you fully concentrate on the book's content. We might allow ads inside the book content in cases when it seems appropriate, like in magazine publications. We really respect you willingness to enjoy book content without annoying ads.
  • Ad-free User Experience Unlimited. (as of May 2014 the price is $9.99). If you purchase this product the ads will stop appearing in all views. To purchase the ad-free experience, you Windows account must have payment setup completed, and you can go to "Settings" charm, click "Advanced Features" and click "Purchase Ad-Free Experience Unlimited" button.
  • Ad-free User Experience for 1 Year. (as of May 2014 the price is $4.99).
  • More paid advanced in-app products might be offered in the future versions. Our strong principle is to never switch from free to paid offerings. So that you can count on us┬ákeeping everything you got in one version of the app still available for your in the future updates. We reserve the right though to add some additional features at a price in the future updates. None of the paid additions is supposed to diminish the quality of your previously acquired experiences.