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Frequently Asked Questions

Why BookBazaarReader is called for files that previousely were associated with another app (like Kindle or PDF reader)? How to dis-associate BookBazaarReader from a particular file type?

This happens because you accidentally changed the default file association for windows for one of filetypes (such as .MOBI, .AZW, .PDF). To restore (or change) the setting you have to right click on a file with a particular extension, choose “Open With…” option, then CHECK the option “use this program for all files” and select appropriate application (Kindle or PDF reader). Apparently you did the same when opened one of the files in BookBazaarReaer, and Windows remembered this choice. Next time when you want to open a book in BookBazaarReader without making it a default reader please UNCHECK the “use this program for all files” so that your preferred setting stay unchanged.

I wanted to purchase an e-book from a website… Does this app work with purchased e-books?

Book Bazaar Reader is supposed to work well with EPUB, MOBI and PDF books – only if they are not encrypted for copy protection. So the answer to this question actually depends on the book suppliers. Some of them offer books in unprotected format in which case Book Bazaar Reader can open them. Otherwise the books will not be readable. You should ask the book provider if their EPUBs can be opened by any readers or only by the one they recommend. If they do not recommend any particular reader, then most likely their books can be opened by Book Bazaar Reader (though do not consider this as a guarantee).

Its possible make the folder and move books to it?

To organize books in reasonable groups manually you should use grouping 'by category'. Initially all the books fall into the same 'Undefined' category. If you select a book, click “edit book category”, and type the name of the category, the book will be assigned to the new category. Now if you group the library 'by category' you will see your book in a separate folder. You then can drag/drop books from “undefined” category to the desired one. You can assign several categories to a book; in this case it will appear several times in different folders. These appearences are not copies of the book, but rather just different cards for the same book (so you are not wasting space on the disk).

How to download multiple books from a Web page?

Visit the page in a browser (use the non-desktop IE or any other browser that supports the "share" contract). Select a portion of a page containing the links. Swipe from the right to call the charms. Select the "Share" charm. Choose Book Bazaar Reader app icon. Click Download.

How to delete books from the library?

Select a book by mouse right-click or touch-and-pull-down. Then open the "Book Collection" on the appbar and choose "Delete Selected Books"

How to remove a book from "I Am Reading" list without deleting it from your library (after finishing reading it)?

Select a book by mouse right-click or touch-and-pull-to-the-right. Then open the "Book Collection" on the appbar and choose "Remove Selected From 'I Am Reading'"