You Can Help With UI Translation From English

The next version of the app (which is almost ready for publishing) will provide an ability to synchronize your library across several Windows devices via OneDrive.

If you are one of the international users who could help with the translation, it would benefit many of your fellow people.

Below is the list of resource files that need correction. The current traslations have been done using automatic Google translate, and because of that they contain many gramatically incorrect phrases and incorrect terminology.

Please pick a file for your target language, copy the text to Notepad, and edit the phrases in place. Then send the corrected file to

File UI-Cloud-English.txt contains an origial English version of the cloud UI. You can use it either as a source for editing or as a reference to help understanding what automatic translation meant.

Resource files contain pairs of strings, first of which is an internal code (should be left unchanged), the second – is a text to translate. The text may contain some special combinations, which should be left as is:

  • <br> - denotes an empty line between phrases. Keep them exactly as is. Do not insert new ones.
  • {0}, {1}, {2} – placeholders for “parameters” such as error codes or lists of book names.
  • Single quotes (‘) – used to refer to button names.
  • A keyword “!RECYCLED” should be left unchanged
  • “OneDrive” – this is the name of Microsoft service, which most likely should be left as is – but you might know better how this service is presented in your country.

Here are the resource files: